NASCO Sludge JudgeŽ Series

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The Sludge JudgeŽ is designed to take accurate readings of settled solids, 5% or less, in a variety of liquids, to any depth. It is ideal for sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, and food processing facilities.

The Sludge JudgeŽ is available in three configurations - Original, Large Capacity, & Super Strong. 

The Sludge JudgeŽ - capacity 3 oz. per foot

Item Description Price Each
W9247 15' Sludge JudgeŽ $98.00
W9249 Case for Sludge JudgeŽ $34.75
W9250 Replacement 5' bottom section $47.90
W9251 Replacement 5' extension section $32.95
W9252 Replacement 5' top section $32.65
W14516 Replacement 2 1/2' top section $24.50
W1291 Cleaning brush $29.95


The Sludge JudgeŽ II - Large Capacity - capacity 6 oz. per foot

The Sludge JudgeŽ II is manufactured from 1 1/4" plastic tubing, resulting in double the capacity of the Original Sludge JudgeŽ.

Item Description Price Each
W1355 15' Sludge Judge II $138.45
W9249 Case for Sludge JudgeŽ $34.75
W1356 Replacement 5' bottom section $56.90
W1357 Replacement 5' extension section $49.80
W1358 Replacement 5' top section $35.30
W1361 Cleaning brush $29.95


The Sludge JudgeŽ Ultra - Super Strong - capacity 3 oz. per foot

For maximum strength and rigidity, the Sludge JudgeŽ Ultra is constructed of extremely strong polycarbonate and treated with an ultraviolet stabilizer.

Item Description Price Each
W1386  15' Sludge JudgeŽ Ultra $129.10
W9249 Case for Sludge JudgeŽ $34.75
W1387 Replacement 5' top section $42.05
W1388 Replacement 5' extension section $41.10
W1389 Replacement 5' bottom section $61.75
W1291 Cleaning brush $29.95


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