Nasco Whirl-PakŪ Water Collection Bags4 oz./100 ml. Standard Whirl-PakŪ Thio-BagŪ

Specially designed for sampling chlorinated water, the Whirl-PakŪ Thio-BagŪ is economical and convenient to use. These single use, sterilized, lightweight, unbreakable EPA approved containers are always ready for immediate use. 

Each 100 ml or 300 ml bag holds  nontoxic, nonnutritive tablets containing 10 mg or 30 mg of active sodium thiosulfate to neutralize chlorine at the time of collection. All Thio-BagsŪ incorporate a convenient write-on strip.

The bags are also available in a stand-up version, which incorporates a special gusset on the bottom of the bag that flattens when filled, allowing the bags to stand up on their own.

All bags are packaged 100 per box and are sterilized as a unit of 100.

Low cost .. Space saving .. EPA approved .. Sterilized .. Write-on strip .. Marked at 100 & 300 ml

Item Description Case Pack Case Price
W1040 Standard 100 ml 100 $25.55
W1254 Standard 300 ml 100 $52.55
W1402 Stand-Up 100 ml 100 $28.95
W1403 Stand-Up 300 ml  100 $54.35


Water Collection Bag AccessoriesWhirl-PakŪ Bag Double Grid, 18 Compartment Carrying Rack

Transportation and storage rack

Item Description Use With Price Each
W1109 15-slot rack W1040, W1402 $23.40
W0772 18-slot rack W1040, W1402 $24.60
W0751 12-slot rack W1254, W1403 $31.60



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