Sterileware® Scoops

by Bel-Art Products

Disposable Sampling Scoops

Made from white high impact polystyrene (also available in red)

Sterilized and individually packaged

2 and 4 oz have extra long handles

Packaged 100 per case

Item Capacity Case Price
36902 60ml (2 oz.) $116.15
36904 125ml (4 oz.) $149.25
36906 250ml (8 oz.) $199.50


Sterileware® Scoop an' Bag™ Sampling System

Each individually packaged sampling system contains a sterile 2-ounce long handle polystyrene scoop plus a sterile 4 1/2" by 9" sampling bag. 

Packaged 50 per case.

Item 36910

$90.70 per case


Sterileware® Scoop Sampling System

The polystyrene scoop incorporates a specially designed transportation container. To use, remove the scoop from the bag and detach the lid using the convenient tab. After taking the sample, replace the snap cover on the lid. Sampling information can be marked on the lid using a wax pencil or a label.

Packaged 100 per case.

Item Capacity Case Price
36922 60ml (2 oz.) $215.35
36924 125ml (4 oz.) $248.70



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