Sterilized & Pre-cleaned Soil Sampling Kit


Each kit consists of pre-cleaned or pre-cleaned and sterilized 6 oz. polyethylene scoops, which are combined with 18 oz. sterilized Whirl-Pak® sample bags.

The scoops are thoroughly cleaned to EPA protocol "B" by washing in a non-phosphate detergent, rinsing with tap water, and again rinsing with de-ionized water.  They are then dried and  individually sealed in a polyethylene bag.  Sterilized scoops have been dosed with gamma radiation.

The sterilized Whirl-Pak® sampling bags have a write on area. 

The kit is shipped in a reusable plastic pail with lid, and includes one marking pen.




Case Price


20 pre-cleaned scoops & 20 sterile sample bags



20 sterilized scoops & 20 sterile bags



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