Bailer Cleaning Brushes

These nylon brushes are specifically designed to clean most common sizes of bailers.  Each brush has a nylon head 4-3/4" long and has an overall length of 42",  which allows the brush to be used when cleaning bailers up to 3 feet long when cleaning from one end, and up to 6 feet long when the bailer can be cleaned from both ends.

Item #3906 (2" OD x 42") for up to 1-3/4" bailers

Item #3914 (4" OD x 42") for up to 3-3/4" bailers

All brushes - $12.00 each

Bailer Twine

Our low cost disposable poly twine is available

 in single rolls of 1000', or in our economical 12-roll pack.



Price Each





12 X 1000'


Bailer Rope

This 1/8" polyethylene rope is ideal for use with standard sampling bailers, or the heavier purging and stainless steel bailers. 

The rope is supplied on a 1000 foot roll.

Item number 5440

$46.95 per roll


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