PVC Modular Coliwasa

Our semitransparent PVC coliwasa samplers are designed to extract liquid and semisolid samples from ponds, drums, containers, tanks, or lagoons. This rugged 4, 6, and 8 foot sampler is manufactured from chemically resistant semitransparent PVC and incorporates a specially designed valve plate to insure positive sample retention and a smoother release of the sample. The samplers have an approximate capacity of 190ml per foot.

Any extension kit listed can be used with any PVC coliwasa sampler listed. For example, a 4' kit can be used with a 8' sampler to provided a total length of 12'. We do however recommend that the longer extension kits (6' and 8') be used when lengths of over 10' are needed.

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4' PVC coliwasa



4' modular extension kit



6' PVC coliwasa



6' modular extension kit



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