TeflonŽ Coliwasa

Teflon Coliwasa

The CONBAR ep TeflonŽ coliwasa is the ideal sampler to use when sampling liquids and semisolidTeflon coliwasa.TIF (1396905 bytes) materials. Unlike other TeflonŽ samplers, our sampler is  manufactured completely from TeflonŽ, not TeflonŽ coated materials.

In use, the assembly is lowered into the drum or tank with the valve assembly open to allow the liquid to enter the sampler. The inner TeflonŽ rod is then pulled slightly upward to close the valve and seal in the sample.

If a sludge sample is required, gently push the sampler into the sludge while pulling up on the inner rod. This action will create a vacuum which will entrap the sludge sample.


Item Capacity Size Price Ea.
6990 240 ml 1"by 2' $179.00
7100 480 ml 1" by 4' $239.00
7110 720 ml 1" by 6' $299.00
7120 960 ml 1" by 8' $359.00
7155 - Valve Only $41.95


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