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Bomb sampler ..... Called a " bomb" sampler because of it's tubular shape. Manufactured from plastic, PTFE or stainless steel, the samplers are used to extract liquid samples ( 4 - 32 ounces ) from tanks, ponds, wells, etc. at specific depths. The sampler requires two lines - one to lower and raise the device, and one to open the plunger, which allows the liquid to flow into the sampler.

Coliwasa ..... The word "coliwasa" was created by the U.S. government, like "Hazmat", "Hazwaper", etc.. It stands for composite liquid waste sampler. A coliwasa is designed to take a composite ( from top to bottom ) sample. Originally, they were developed to take samples only from drums, but they are now available in many sizes and materials which allow them to be used for sampling drums, tanks, pails, tank cars, etc. CONBAR ep manufactures coliwasa samplers in glass, plastic, acrylic, and PTFE to fit most sampling applications.

Drum thief ..... A drum thief is a length of tubing, which is used to take or "steal" a liquid sampler from a drum or tank. The device works by inserting the sampler into the drum, covering the exposed end with your thumb and removing the sample. The smaller the tube's diameter, the easier it is to extract samples in this manner. The 7mm and 9mm tubes are the easiest to use but provide a small sample. The12mm drum thief samplers are the most popular and provide a sufficient sample for most applications . The larger sizes, 16 and 18mm, will produce a larger sampler but are the most difficult to operate when taking samplers of materials which are not very viscous. The samplers are manufactured in both glass and plastic.

Grab sampler ..... A grab sampler is a sampling device which is designed to take or "grab" a sample at a specific depth or location. In environmental sampling, some state and/or federal regulations require that liquid samples taken from sources such as lakes and ponds be taken in such a manner that the liquid not be allowed to enter the container until it is a specific depth below the surface to avoid surface contamination. CONBAR ep offers several types of grab samplers to fit most liquid sampling applications. Our telescopic samplers incorporate a polyethylene head which holds the bottle until the operator pulls a cable which removes a plug from the top of the bottle, allowing the liquid to enter. Our fixed length stainless steel sampler is manufactured using only stainless steel metal parts and a polyethylene head. The operation of the sampler is the same as our telescopic samplers. The CONBAR ep zero contamination sampler is unique in that the only contact the sampler has with the sampling container is at the lid. The sampler incorporates a device which, when operator activated, removes the cap from the bottle, allowing the liquid to enter.

QC rod ..... Same as a drum thief, a name given to the thief by laboratory and quality control people.



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