Coliwasa Samplers - Glass

Our 42" glass COmposite LIquid WAste SAmplers ( coliwasa ) are designed to be an economical, safe, and fast method of drum sampling.  

All glass coliwasa samplers have a maximum capacity of 200 ml and are packaged 12 per case.

5500 Disposable glass ..... Our best selling glass coliwasa incorporates a specially designed Viton® seal which eliminates sampling loss due to leakage, now also available in 18" lengths for small container sampling. For applications where only glass and PTFE will do, we also make this sampler with a PTFE seal.

Pail Sampler ..... Our 5500P samplers are designed to extract samples from pails, drums, and other small containers.

5515 Ground Joint ..... Our 42" ground joint coliwasa incorporates both a ground male and ground female joint. The benefit of grinding the connecting joints is to provide a truly liquid tight seal which allows for leak free sampling.

5518 Trumpet..... Our trumpet coliwasa is specifically designed to sample sludge or semisolid materials. The design of the trumpet end of the coliwasa allows for easy boring and collection of most semisolid materials. The sampler incorporates a Teflon seal, which secures the sample in place until it is released by the operator.

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Viton seal



Same as 5500 except 18" long



Chemically inert PTFE seal



Ground joint




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